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Handwoven silk shawl

There's always satisfaction when I sell a scarf but the most satisfying sales are those where the buyer has really given it some thought.

My plum coloured Dancing Squares shawl was bought yesterday by a lady who saw it three weeks ago and thought it would make a perfect gift for her elderly mother. She came back several times to look at it and to take photos to send to her father (who would be gifting the shawl to his wife) and finally yesterday she came back to the workroom to buy it. (I should add she is staying in our gite so although she made several trips she wasn't very far away!)

She has promised to send me a photo of her mother wearing the shawl which I look forward to receiving.

This is a pattern that I use regularly. If you would like a shawl or a scarf in this design do get in touch. This button will click through to the contact form.

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