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Designing...or trying to

Designing is a process. Colour combinations change, designs change. It can take a long time.

Who knows how this will turn out but I thought I'd give you an idea of the start and finish points of a design. This process took place over three days. I started with an idea, changed the colours, changed the design, took time to think and reflect, came back and changed something else. You get the picture.

As I dye my own silk I either have too much of a colour or not enough. This time I dyed four particular colours. Inevitably they didn't turn out quite as particular as I would have liked but I am not scientific with my dye process and have to go with what I get. The first picture, which you may have seen before, shows the four colours I originally chose.

The second picture is the design idea I had in my head (it looked ok in my head!) and the third picture is what I am going to weave. And finally the fourth picture shows the colours I am actually going to use.

The design is very different to my original idea. It is not dissimilar to some scarves I did during the first lockdown but I have changed it a bit by adding different treadle combinations. The beauty of my Megado loom is that changing the treadling is a question of a few clicks on the computer.

As usual I will warp for two scarves and change either the threading, the treadling or some of the colours for the second one. But by then I'll have an idea of the warp's character (believe me, they all have a character) and what will work with the colours I have finally gone with (note, I didn't say finally chosen : I never really think I have chosen colours, they just appear).

And now, back to the warping...

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