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Marian Stubenitsky

You might have noticed that I use a lot of Marian's designs in my handwoven silk scarves. Back in 2016 I spent a week at Marian's studio in Arnheim (Holland) studying her Echo technique. Since then I have woven dozens of scarves using her Echo technique and her deflected double weave designs.

Although the basic weaving design might be the same, by changing the colours the scarf is totally different.

In addition, deflected double weave creates two distinct sides to a fabric and this adds more interest.

My week in Arnheim was a trip to remember. I borrowed a bicycle and in the evenings spent some time cycling along the canals and into the town. During the day I exchanged ideas from the other students (about 15 of us I think) and drank in all that Marian had to teach us. A wonderful memory.

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