100% silk, a scarf that shimmers as it moves.  

I recently took a course with Margaret Coe who has forgotten more about weaving than I can ever hope to learn.  She devised a way of threading the loom in a way that makes the colours appear to cross over.  They don't of course but the effect is stunning.  Margaret called this the Corris Effect.

If you look closely you will see three colours in the warp, blue, plum and very pale yellow.  It is woven with a weft dyed with walnut husks.

The photos don't do the scarf justice but I have tried!


This scarf is definitely one that can be worn by men or women.  It goes well with just about everything.  Go on, you know you want to...

Corris in Spring

  • Materials:  silk

    Dimensions: 38cms x 184cms

    Hand wash gently and iron on cool silk or wool setting