These shawls are incredibly warm. Wrap yourself up and stay warm during those cold winter months.  Made from 100% wool they each contain betwen 20 and 30 different colours.  The colours are arranged randomly which gives each shawl a character of its own.


I make these shawls on my antique knitting machine.  Each one takes two days of work as I select the colours, knit the shawl and then finish it with the fringe.  

Spring : Fairisle Shawl

  • Knitted items (fairisle shawls):  I strongly recommend that you dry clean the fairisle shawls.  However, if you would prefer to wash your shawl yourself please take the following precautions:  Use cold water, a detergent that does not require rinsing (Soak or Eucalan for example) and do not agitate in the water;  just leave it to soak.  Then wrap it in a towel to remove excess water and air dry.  DO NOT IRON