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Past Projects

My Weaver Portfolio - A collection of images that show elegant designs that I have created previously. Other photos hopefully visualise my weaving work in progress, the soft silky sheen and the incredible range of coloured silks that are available. 


I hope that my portfolio inspires you to create beautiful items of your own. Perhaps you will see something here that you would like to me to create for you, or as a luxury gift for someone special. I am always happy to create custom silk scarf designs or shawls. But please bear in mind that each item is unique - no two silk or wool items will ever be exactly the same.

Hand-weaving gives me enormous pleasure. And I sincerely hope that the person that owns one of my silk scarves, silk shawls or hand-knitted Fair Isle designs enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it. When you feel quality silk softly touching your skin you can't help but feel more beautiful and extra special.

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