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Glasses Cases

Whenever I weave a scarf I always weave to the end of the warp which means that more often than not, I will have small amounts of fabric left over.  Occasionally I use these end pieces as samples so people can see the shimmering colours and feel the quality, smoothness and softness of the silk against their skin.

These hand woven silk remnants are just far too beautiful not to be used. So I design and create smaller items from them. I add fastenings and exquisite linings to small zipped pouches, luxury silk glasses cases and key rings. If I have enough silk left I will make larger lined pouches or bags. Nothing ever gets wasted in my workshop! 

You will find a selection below of the items currently available. They make the most wonderful Christmas stocking fillers, thank Yyou gifts or just a little luxury treat for yourself.

Please note : These items are all genuinely unique .   Usually there is only one case in a particular fabric - very occasionally there will be two.

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