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Saumur : Salon "Prestige"

I always enjoy this event. The public are willing to engage with exhibitors and ask questions about how we work. There is nothing worse than public who are so worried they will be pressured to by that they won't even say "Bonjour". I usually start by asking if they live in Saumur and take it from there.

I was thrilled to see a lady who bought from me last year return wearing her scarf; and delighted too, when another lady arrived to tell me she had been told to look out for my stand. She went away with two scarves. Over the weekend I sold a couple more and had enquiries about custom orders.

Whilst I am always thrilled when I sell something, I am also always surprised. I don't know why: I have faith in my work and it's quality but it still surprises me. I came away happy and exhausted in equal measure.

The article above was a bonus!

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