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Shop Update

I never expected these scarves to turn out as well as they have. I love colour but always lack confidence - my mother in law was an artist and had a fantastic sense of colour and I suppose my nervousness comes from there.

This video is an attempt to show you the irridescence in each of the scarves. (I say scarves but they are 43cms wide and can be worn as a shawl if you wish.) It's not easy, two hands, one holding a camera, the other trying to move the fabric. Ooops, forgotten to turn on the video, etc. And then I remembered I have a tripod and that helped!

Anyway, all three scarves have a centre panel surrounded by deflected double weave. These panels use designs by Marian Stubenitsky and Janna van Leddon.

These are all in the online shop from today but I will be taking at least one of them up to Sainte Suzanne next week for the opening of l'ART'elier

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